How to Date Vintage Clothing: Introduction & the 1930s

Here at the shop we regularly have customers seeking items from specific time periods or with particular details.  Whether you’re on the hunt for a garment for a costume theme party or the perfect piece to add to your vintage collection, it is very beneficial to have some knowledge of how to figure out approximately when an article of clothing was made.  To help you with the basics of dating vintage clothing, we’ve decided to start a series of installments on the topic, beginning with the 1930s and spanning to the 1980s.  We will also be discussing the difference between items made to evoke a particular era and an actual item from the era being referenced (i.e. terms like “70s does 30s”.)  This will by no means be a definitive list of details to look for in your clothing, however we hope it will help build a foundation for those of you in the beginning stages of vintage collecting!

(1930s fashion show via Wearing History)


Summer Style, We’ve Got You Covered!

We sure waited patiently for Summer to arrive here on the West Coast this year.  Now that the sunshine is upon us and it’s finally warm enough to don some bare skin, we think it’s time to get in to the Summer spirit!  We’ve been stocking our shelves with lots of warm weather goodies and have compiled some vintage photographs, paired with actual vintage items in our shop to give you some Summer wardrobe ideas.



 Floral prints are always flattering and feminine.  Check out the dress on the right with the matching floral shoes!

(source: LIFE Magazine archives)

(Vintage 1970s floral print dress, vintage tooled leather belt, vintage 1970s suede platform shoes)


The Great Gatsby and 1920s Inspired Fashion

As you’ve probably heard, the latest buzz in upcoming films is all about the star-studded remake of The Great Gatsby.  The original book, first published in 1925, was written by  F. Scott Fitzgerald and remains one of the most iconic pieces of 20th Century literature.  The story was adapted for the big screen in 1926 (now considered a Silent Era “lost film”), 1949 and 1974.  The up and coming remake by Baz Luhrmann promises to be the most lavish and visually stunning interpretation to date.


What better way to celebrate the season than by getting bundled up and going ice skating with your loved ones?  Here are some amazing vintage photographs to get you inspired!


(via NPYL)


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