Summer Style, We’ve Got You Covered!

We sure waited patiently for Summer to arrive here on the West Coast this year.  Now that the sunshine is upon us and it’s finally warm enough to don some bare skin, we think it’s time to get in to the Summer spirit!  We’ve been stocking our shelves with lots of warm weather goodies and have compiled some vintage photographs, paired with actual vintage items in our shop to give you some Summer wardrobe ideas.



 Floral prints are always flattering and feminine.  Check out the dress on the right with the matching floral shoes!

(source: LIFE Magazine archives)

(Vintage 1970s floral print dress, vintage tooled leather belt, vintage 1970s suede platform shoes)


Pairing bold accessories with more basic clothing allows for a lot of variety.  Try a big colourful necklace against a soft silk blouse and a pair of Schiaparelli-inspired or vintage sunglasses.

(Source: LIFE Magazine archives)

(Vintage silk blouse, vintage 1960s necklace, vintage 1960s sunglasses, skirt by Maddy K, vintage 1970s platform sandals)



This is a totally vintage Summer look that has remained fashionable through the decades.  Great for keeping your cool in the heat, pair a crop top or bikini top with high waisted shorts or a high waisted skirt and you’ve got a look that can be worn all day, even outside of the beach.

(source: LIFE Magazine archives)

(Vintage 1960s bikini top, vintage floral skirt, vintage shell necklace)



Another vintage staple is the Hawaiian shirt.  Channel your inner Elvis with a slim cut shirt in a vibrant colourway.  Bonus points if you can nab an original Shaheen!  Ladies, Hawaiian print dresses are always lovely for Summer.  Even kids can don this look!

(source: Made by Letty)

(source: Glamour Splash)

(Vintage 1960s Hawaiian shirt, vintage 1970s plaid shorts)

(Vintage 1960s Hawaiian print shift dress, vintage 1960s gold sandals)


Finally, if you’re here on the West Coast, perhaps a layered outfit such as this may be in order to combat our unpredictable weather:

(source: LIFE Magazine archives)

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